M.S. Monfared

Masud S. Monfared, Vice Chairman, Global Operations and Board Member      

Masud S. Monfared serves as Manager-Member of Parlin LLC in  California and CEO of ARQ International Group. As a Principal, Mr. Monfared invests and heads a team of highly qualified individuals and as a Manager is responsible for the asset management of several projects within the Parlin portfolio and ARQ Int’l Group.  Mr. Monfared leads economic development projects, and marketing, business development of overall project supervision and management of these projects.
Monfared’s career spans over 30 years experience in trade, manufacturing, investment, development, and construction.  He has extensive experience in managing successful business portfolios, project design, project management, construction and land use development within the United States and internationally including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan and Kazakhstan.  As a Project Manager for Ralph M. Parsons Company he has overseen and assisted on the design of support facilities in the Petrochemical Industrial Complexes in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.  He has worked successfully with many State, County, and City government officials.  Mr. Monfared has been involved in several philanthropy projects such as Sutter Davis Hospital, and City of Davis and served on the Advisory Board of the University of California, Davis, MESA and has been instrumental in creating the Middle East South Asia program in UCDavis. Mr. Monfared assists Cultural and International Projects and International events with California State Senate within Government of California. 

Mr. Monfared holds a Master degree in Urban and Regional Planning from California State Polytechnic University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from University of California at Berkeley.