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Our Advantage  
  • Fusion Power Corporation facilities can each produce the energy equivalent of a giant oil field … 500,000 barrels per day of carbon neutral synthetic oil, and 15 GW of electricity and 2000 ac/ft of potable water simultaneously.
  • Fusion energy as envisaged by FPC has an energy out to energy in ratio of 50:1 or more … as good or better than ‘old oil’.
  • Fusion energy as envisaged by FPC has the lowest environmental impact of any equivalent energy source.
  • Fusion energy production using a radio-frequency (RF) accelerator driver has been developed internationally since the mid-1970s after the initial demonstration of fusion in 1952.
  • Fusion energy can be online in ten years.
  • Fusion energy can provide real energy security, not just political rhetoric.
  • Fusion power can cost less per kilowatt hour than other generating sources.
  • Fusion energy is better than wind, solar, coal, oil, natural gas, and biomass in that it is base load carbon free energy.
  • Fusion energy is better than fission in that fusion has no potential for a run-away disaster, virtually no after-heat, no difficult radio-active waste disposal issue, and does not produce bomb making materials.
  • Fusion energy using inertial confinement is not dependent upon the uncertain discovery of new materials to control the radiation generated and the radio-frequency (RF) accelerator driver has the energy necessary to complete the fusion process.
  • FPC has the know how, the exclusive rights to the required fusion energy technology and a winning business proposition!