FPC Presentations

The information included in this category of the Reference Library include information provided in videos and slides in many presentations that were given over the previous years. 

These are:

1. A Google talk by FPC President, Charles E. Helsley in Los Angeles 

2. The presentations by President, Dr. Charles E. Helsley and Chief Technology Officer and Chairman, Robert J. Burke at the HIF 2010 Symposium in Darmstadt, Germany 

3. The talks by Dr. Burke, Dr. Helsley and Dr. A. Burke at the Workshop for Accelerators for Heavy Ion Fusion in May 2010 at Berkeley, California 

4. A You Tube Video by Finecut "StarPower for Tomorrow" www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a7f1QGGYiY

5. The presentations by Dr. Helsley and Dr. Burke at the 19th International HIF Symposium 2012 at Berkeley, California Dr. Helsley's paper (http://www.academia.edu/7999318/The_Single_Pass_RF_Driver_Final_beam_compression) 
Dr. Burke's Paper (http://www.academia.edu/7999318/The_Single_Pass_RF_Driver_Final_beam_compression)

6. Dr. Helsley's (Chuck's) presentation in Hawaii on "FUSION: This changes everything!" on ThinkTechHawaii.

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