Fusion Power Corporation

Fusion Power Corporation scientists have several decades of hands-on experience and history with major US labs and research institutions.  

FPC was formed expressly to design and implement a fusion power production system using the concepts developed at the Argonne, Brookhaven and Berkeley National Laboratories in the 1970s, significantly augmented by the technology for which FPC has an exclusive world wide license and international patent.  

The subject of fusion is more mature than our company. But most past efforts have tried to make small systems of ~1 GW electricity generating capacity. Fusion is not a process that is amenable to miniaturization. Thus the Corporate objective is to design and stimulate construction of a large energy fusion system with ~50 GW output, primarily in the form of hydrogen and synthetic liquid fuels such as methanol and butanol.

Our Corporation is designed to make a profit. Our focus on a large energy generation system meshes well with the current need for a new large source of "Green & Clean . . . and Safe!" energy. Moreover, we now have economic conditions where the value of energy makes large HIF energy systems economic.  In fact, rather than being "too costly" -- the past criticism of Heavy Ion Fusion -- it now could be said that it might be too profitable! 

  California C-Corporation

The Fusion Power Corporation is a private stockholder corporation incorporated and registered in the State of California.

FPC is managed by a Board of Directors. Its initial Board includes: Dr. Charles Helsley, Dr. Robert Burke, Dr. Alexander Burke, Harold Helsley, Patrick Modugno, and Dr. Robert Bartolini. It is expected that other Board members will be appointed in consultation with major investors. 

The Fusion Power Corporation's headquarters office is in Sacramento, California.

  Current Officers, Board Members and Advisors

Charles E. Helsley, Ph.D President and Board Member 
Robert J. Burke, Ph.D.  Chief Technology Officer and Board Chairman
Harold V. Helsley, M.A.   Treasurer and Board Member 
 Patrick J. Modugno, M.B.A.   Board Member
Robert A. Bartolini, Ph.D.  Board Member
Masud S. Monfared, M.S., MUP  Vice Chairman, Global Operations and Board Member
Alexander Burke, Ph.D. Systems Physicist and Board Member 
Ray E. Kidder, Ph.D. Senior Advisor - Fusion and Nuclear Science 
Peter E. Huemer, M.S.  Advisor - Webmaster
Donald C. Leonard  Advisor - Business Development

  Personnel Plans                                                                                                

Beginning in late of 2015 the Fusion Power Corporation expects to begin a
hiring program, aiming to have approximately twenty employees aboard by the end of 2016. Hiring will continue during 2017 and should stabilize at about 200
employees by year’s end.  FPC also expects to contract for services with many
outside firms during this period.

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