C.E. Helsley

Charles E. Helsley, President and Board Member                                        

Dr. Charles E. Helsley is a retired researcher at the University of Hawaii. He has lived in Hawaii for 32 years, was formerly the Director of the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and was the Director of the University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program at the time of his retirement. He is an expert in energy matters, especially in oil and gas resources and is knowledgeable about the effects that the of burning carbon-based fuels has on the earths ocean and atmosphere. He has been involved in many fields of research, from paleomagnetism, to seismology, to marine geology and more recently in free electron laser research and in open ocean aquaculture research under the banner of the Hawaii Offshore Aquaculture Research Program (HOARP) of which he was the principal investigator. He has published more than 100 papers in scientific journals during his career and still publishes papers every few years. He holds BS and MS degrees in Geology from the California Institute of Technology and a PhD in Geology from Princeton University. 

During his four-year tenure as the University of Hawaii Sea Grant director, he
spear-headed Hawaii’s first experiment in open-ocean aquaculture, which
successfully demonstrated the feasibility of farming fish in an open-ocean
environment and has become a national model for offshore cage culture. His work
was partnered with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,
Oceanic Institute, and Cates International, Inc. 

Prior to his 1995 Sea Grant appointment, Helsley served as director of the UH
Institute of Geophysics for 18 years. He also held a post as professor in the UH
Department of Geology and Geophysics, and served as interim Dean, during the
formative year, at the UH School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology,
now the third largest oceanographic research institute in the country by grants