Q: How is it possible to accept FPC’s claim that fusion power can be on-stream in 10 years when the experts of the world are apparently unanimous in saying it will take much longer?

A. If leadership—whether in industry, academia, or government—were charged to bring fusion power on-stream ASAP, it would ask a sequence of plain questions such as shown in the figure. The order of asking the questions is significant. Putting the questions surrounding the Chamber at the head of the list is appropriate because that is where “the rubber meets the road”: economic and technical practicality, worker and public safety, light environmental footprint. These questions must have strongly positive answers if the game is worth the candle. Fusion ignition naturally is crucial. The point of the logic tree is that all go / no-go questions must have yes answers. Although there can be more than one viable logical tree trunk, the only one that currently is prepared to stand and deliver is the FPC plan.